Portuguese Space Agency chooses S34I project as its image for August

The Portuguese Space Agency is a member of Copernicus, the European Union’s Earth observation programme. Earth Observation (EO) is the process of collecting information about the Earth’s physical, chemical, geological and biological systems using remote sensing technologies.

S34I European Project has been chosen as the image of the month in August by Copernicus Portugal in its website. A colour composite of Sentinel-2 images from June 2023 of the Aramo region in Asturias has been published, showing the folding of limestone formations (centre and top) and contact with alluvial fans from the Douro basin (bottom). In this image, various RGB combinations are used to identify hydrothermal alteration zones associated with cobalt, copper and nickel deposits.

Image produced by the University of Porto

S34I, coordinated by the University of Porto, will develop new methods of analysing and observing the Earth to support prospecting and mining activities, increasing European autonomy in critical raw materials.