S34I is an EU wide interdisciplinary and complementary team embracing partners from 12 countries and with a 50/50 balance between industrial and research profiles coordinated by UPORTO with the lead of Ana Cláudia Teodoro.

2 mining stakeholders as end-users (AURUM, OMYA) willing to co-create the innovations, 6 technological consultant companies supporting the technological prototyping including very agile and well experienced innovative SMEs (EUROSENSE in Germany and in Belgium, BEAK, ECOTONE, SMAPS) and a large technological industry with proven track record on EO exploitation (GMV), and leading public and private research partners on mining engineering, EO, AI and social sciences including 5 academia (UPORTO, ULE, USAL, UL, MUL), 2 mining clusters/foundations (ICAMCYL, ISMC), 2 research organizations (CNR, VTT) and a core of 3 national Geological Surveys (GTK, IGME-CSIC, HSGME). All partners provide essential complementary activities and are integrating the different thematic perspectives and skills for the sake of building the prototyped services to demonstrate in pilot sites. Partners will optimize the research by exploiting synergies among them based on common data exploitation, common methods or domain expertise